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Japan Festivals

Matsuri, is the Japanese word for festival or holiday. Usually, there is a celebration during the rice harvest season, that could be Spring and Fall.  At one point, various places in the world will celebrate it as the Japan Festival, and it is always a fun way to get together, enjoy the Japanese culture, food tasting, music, and so forth.

Matsuri are celebrations throughout the year as well. They could be tied with the different shrines in Japan and also various regions.  There is the Sapporo Snow Festival (Hokkaido) in February, Nango Summer Jazz Festival where artists gather to perform.  My favorite is the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is celebrated throughout the entire season in all the regions of Japan.  There is food stalls in different locations, lanterns, dancing, admiration of beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere.

Even though we might not be residing in Japan to experience these festivities, we can still participate through local Japanese organizations in all parts of the …

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